Welcome To
The Kiva RV Park
On Route
Route 66

Welcome to the Kiva RV Park located on
Historic Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico.


We are an AMERICAN owned business. We are direct descendants of a U. S. Navy Veteran. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE NEXT DOOR RV PARK'S WEB SITE THAT NEGATIVELY PORTRAYS OUR RV PARK! Many generations of our family have fought and died helping to make this a great nation, a statement the nearby RV Park owner CANNOT MAKE!

Our family has owned this historic Motor Court and RV Park for over seven years and for the entire time we have, like many forgiving Americans, sat back while the owner of the RV Park next door to us has slandered us, lied and made many negative statements about our RV Park on their web site. Well, like many forgiving Americans we can only be pushed so far, and since our father is a U.S. Navy veteran, he suggested we quote another more famous Navy veteran: "I've had all I can stands and I can't stands no more!"

It's time all of you traveling veterans and other great Americans knew the truth! The RV Park next door to us claims to be an "overnight park" with no "unsightly permanent or monthly campers" - WRONG! By our last count they've had numerous "monthly campers" with boats, trucks and other items stored right out in the open!  The RV Park next door to us claims we are a "dog infested park" - WRONG! The TRUTH is, we are the LAST commercial business on a dead end street, therefore any "free roaming dogs" that are seen must be coming from the RV Park next door to us! And what's their big deal about pets anyway? Most of us that travel have pets! They must hate all animals, especially dogs! In fact, not too long ago, the owner of the RV Park next door to us was arrested for "allegedly" harassing one of our overnighters, because they were walking their faithful companion too close to "their" side of the street!

We are restoring and maintaining the historic Motor Court that is the entrance to our RV Park. We are transforming it into a cheerful, colorful, 1950's photo op, replete with memorabilia as a flashback to the glory days of Route 66.  It will be here for years to come for our children and our grandchildren to someday enjoy! Tune into FM 98.7 while you visit us and enjoy Kiva RV Radio with classic oldies playing 24 hours a day. We honor our American heritage and our history, again, a statement that the RV Park next door to us CANNOT MAKE, because our American history and heritage is not theirs. How sad it will be when one of our historic properties on Route 66 crumbles to the ground because the owner of the RV Park next door to us simply doesn't care, except to use it for advertisement! All because it is NOT their heritage or history. As long as they can take your American dollars as an RV Park, they will never make any attempt to save their "historic" motel, but advertise it to fool you as being on the National Historic Register, while it just rots...

Don't stay in a park that is literally falling down around you with no idea what may crawl, slither or, God forbid, walk out of the dark, abandoned and crumbling buildings that surround their property! No shade or grass at their property and nothing but super heated gravel to rest your weary feet on! The trees they advertise are really juniper bushes, never maintained until they grew into so called "evergreen trees" that provide no shade or comfort from the heat. Why take your expensive RV to an RV Park that's dimly lit, unsecured and none too friendly either (as previously mentioned)? The Kiva RV Park has 24 hour security, is well lit with street lights and colored flood lights in nearly all of the beautiful, mature shade trees that completely surround our property! THE KIVA RV PARK IS WITHOUT QUESTION THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, SECURE AND WELL LIT RV PARK IN TUCUMCARI!!!

At the Kiva RV Park we encourage relaxation with park benches, a cheerfully lit gazebo, fireside table, outdoor grills and plenty of guest seating. We, as owners, don't just take your American money and run! We have been RV'rs all of our lives, another statement the owner next door to us CANNOT MAKE, so we understand the "adventure" every trip turns into. We enjoy our customers and love listening to your stories from the road, and we will assist you with any needs that may arise.

We have changed water heaters, frozen water tanks and tires for our campers in need, we even managed to push in a stubborn 20 ft. slider so our customers could get back on the road. We have helped many, many customers who simply couldn't figure out "all them newfangled flat screen gizmos" just so they could enjoy a hometown game on their TV!


KEEP AMERICAN DOLLARS IN AMERICA! Come stay with Tom, Michael, Monica and the rest of our ever growing family of HAPPY, HAPPY CAMPERS!